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For men, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems are some of the most common sexual difficulties they suffer from. Even though after the introduction of the Viagra the problem of premature ejaculation becomes less frequent and easily treatable. However, there are some couples that consider ejaculation as a serious factor in their sexual life. While our mind does the trick when it comes to sex, it is also the key to overcome them. When it to come ejaculation there are three possible scenarios that take place during the intercourse:

Premature Ejaculation: It is one of the most common complaints the men have about the ejaculation during their performance in bed. As per the study performed by the National Health and Social Life Survey, one-third of total men complain that they ejaculate too early during intercourse. Although they want to last longer, it seems like the matter is out of their hands.

Delayed Ejaculation: compared to premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation affects the lower number of men- only 3% to be exact. It is one of the underestimated ejaculation problems that need to be treated as sometimes men cannot even reach orgasm at all.

Absent Ejaculation: similar to delayed ejaculation, absent ejaculation is the least common among the men. It is the condition when individuals experience the sensation of ejaculation but don’t ejaculate at all.

Retrograde Ejaculation: it is the least common ejaculation that causes semen to go back into the bladder rather than escaping through the tip of the penis. Health issues

Symptoms of the ejaculation problem

Some of the most common symptoms of ejaculation problem include:
  • Early ejaculation during the intercourse
  • The erection that is too soft for the intercourse
  • Delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation at all
  • The semen doesn’t come out of the penis when you ejaculate

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms while having intercourse then, chances that you are suffering from ejaculation problems. Hiding it due to embarrassment or shame can lead to bigger problems like erectile dysfunction and heart diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with the professionals before the matter goes out of your hand.

Treatment of Ejaculation Problem at sexual health care clinic

The treatment of the ejaculation problems depends on the type and the cause behind it. However, most of the prescribed drugs for ejaculation problems are not safe and can cause serious side effects that last forever. Fortunately, the Sexual Healthcare Clinic is just around the corner with ayurvedic medicine carefully curated as per the instructions of Vajikarana- one of the eight major specialties of Ashtanga Ayurveda. The proper use of these medications can help one to achieve the desired physique, health, strength, and sexually potent.

Ayurveda- as a science of life is one of the oldest medicinal books ever recorded in the history of mankind. It inherits practices that can treat almost any health disease or condition including sexual problems like; erectile dysfunction, ejaculation issues, infertility, and more. The team of experts at the Sexual Healthcare Clinic is merging these ancient practices with modern technology to create a cure that can treat your sexual issues and grant you the gift of a healthy lifestyle without any side effects. For further information, feel free to browse the website.

When to Consult a doctor?

It is important to consult with your doctor when you start experiencing any of the above symptoms especially if they last for more than 3 months. In India, it is common to feel embarrassed to talk about the sexual health and problems that revolve around the topic but don’t let that affect your sexual life. Consult with the experienced professionals at the Sexual Healthcare Clinic will patiently listen to your problem and suggest the suitable ayurvedic remedy for the health issue. For some people finding that ejaculation issues are common at some point in life could be reassuring and less stressful.

Causes of the ejaculation problems

The exact cause of the ejaculation problem is hard to detect. While some think that it is caused by physical factors others believe that emotional factors also play a crucial role in the whole scenario. Therefore, the causes of ejaculation problems are divided into three factors:

Psychological causes

Psychological causes that play a vital role in the ejaculation problem include:
  • Sexual abuse: sexual abuse at an early age often traumatize people and can cause ejaculation problems
  • Early sexual experience: early sexual experience can also lead to ejaculation problems.
  • Poor body image: insecurity about the body image restraint people from getting into the mood.
  • Depression: Depression can cause an imbalance in the body and brain and lead to the ejaculation problem.
  • Concern about sexual performance: men who are concerned about their sexual performance often fail to ejaculate. This can cause serious ejaculation problems.
  • Reduced sexual desire: men who have no sexual desire can experience ejaculation issues.

Biological causes

The biological causes that contribute to the ejaculation problems are:
  • Weakened pelvic muscles: with time, age starts to take a toll on sexual health by weakening pelvic muscles.
  • Low hormone levels: the lack of hormonal or hormonal imbalance in the body can also cause ejaculation problems.
  • Nerve damage: nerve damages caused by diabetes and multiple sclerosis can also trigger ejaculation problems.

Other causes

Other underlying causes of the ejaculation problem include:
  • Medicinal side effects: Medicines that are used for enlarged prostate cancer can also cause medicinal side effects.
  • Alcohol abuse: alcohol or drug abuse can also cause ejaculation problems in men.

Health Risks of ejaculation problems

Men who are suffering from ejaculation problems are shown to be susceptible to the number of health risks including:

Diabetes: ejaculation problems can be the very first symptom of diabetes. Overlooking it can lead to diabetes and retinopathy.

Infection in the prostate area: Infection in the prostate area can also contribute to the ejaculation problem. Overlooking it can spread the infection and cause serious health consequences.

Erectile dysfunction: ejaculation problems that last more than 3 months can be the sign of erectile dysfunction. Avoiding it can lead to infertility or complete dysfunction. Prevention of the ejaculation problems As there is an old saying- prevention is better than cure so, here are some of the prevention methods you can to avoid the ejaculation problems:

Avoid stress: when it comes to sexual performance, stress is your ultimate. Stress whether it is related to work, home, or relationship can be harmful to your sexual life. So, you need to keep the stress at bay to avoid the ejaculation problem.

Distract yourself: if you are suffering from ejaculation problems like early or premature ejaculation then, apply the distraction technique to distract yourself. This way you can avoid ejaculating early.

Avoid alcohol: alcohol abuse can also be the underlying contributing factor of the ejaculation problems so, once you find yourself experiencing symptoms of ejaculation problems try to keep it far away from you to avoid further damage to your health.

Avoid drug abuse: taking different types of drugs to perform better in bed can lead to irreplaceable damage to your penis. Hence, only take prescribed drugs to ensure you are not damaging your health without knowing.

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