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Lack of Sexual Desire in men

Losing interest in sexual activity or low libido levels is a common condition in men. Sometimes it is caused by increasing age or due to stress. No matter what the cause is, it can deteriorate the connection with a partner. Even though it is normal to have lesser sexual desire than your partner, but a constant decrease in interest in sex can be a warning sign of an underlying disease.

Low confidence or self-esteem is considered as a major contributor to lack of sexual desire in men. Not just that, the lack of sexual desire can even cause depression and anxiety among men. Low libido can be caused by various reasons including alcohol consumption, stress, poor lifestyle, ageing, lack of sleep, chronic disease, obesity, and many others.

The treatment of this condition begins by changing the lifestyle. In most of the cases, poor lifestyle contributes to the development of this disease. Switching to a healthy lifestyle is the first step of treatment along with the right medication. Though the lack of sexual desire is a totally curable disease, it is mainly associated with mental health as well. During the diagnosis, the doctor will analyse the mental health and will offer the treatment options accordingly.

Symptoms of Lack of Sexual Desire in men

The body displays certain signs or symptoms when it is suffering from any condition; be it psychological or physical. The foremost symptom of this disease is reduced interest in any sexual activity with a partner. Fatigue is another major symptom found in men having a lack of sexual desire. Apart from that, frequent anxiety attacks can also be witnessed.

Treatment of Lack of Sexual Desire at sexual health care clinic

Early diagnosis of lack of sexual desire in men can make the treatment fast and easy. Nevertheless, the Sexual Healthcare Clinic can cure this disease from the roots. We only treat patients with Ayurvedic medicines and herbal medicines which do not have any side effects on the body. Ayurveda not only targets the symptoms of the disease but eradicates the disease from its cause. Not just medicines, but ayurvedic techniques are also used for the treatment which boosts the healing process. Mental health is a significant cause of this disease which is why we take all the necessary measures to provide the right lifestyle which enhances the mental health of the patient.

When to Consult a doctor?

Lack of sexual desire in men varies from person to person. Whenever a person is noticing a significant drop in their interest in sexual activities, it could be a sign of low libido. When comparing with the normal libido, if the present libido is lesser, then it is the time to consult with a doctor. It is essential to analyse the condition for a few weeks and discuss the conditions with the professional. The doctor may investigate the experiences, issues, and problems faced which should be answered honestly so that the doctor could begin with their treatment.

Causes of Lack of Sexual Desire in men

Lack of sexual desire in men can be caused by several conditions like poor lifestyle and mental health. Some of the major causes of this condition are explained below.

Low Testosterone Levels
Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for sperm production and erections. However, it majorly affects the sexual drive in men. If the testosterone levels are low, then the person may feel less interested in any sexual activity. The testosterone levels decrease with time but a drastic drop in these levels can be a cause of low sexual interest.

Stress and Depression
Studies have shown that stress can result in erectile dysfunction. With each passing day, stress becomes depression. With mind struggling with several issues, it is hard to put the focus on sexual activities resulting in a lack of sexual desire.

Poor Sleep Pattern
Sufficient sleep is essential for testosterone production. Improper sleeping pattern or insufficient sleep can decrease testosterone levels resulting in a lack of sexual desire.

Ageing is a significant factor that affects the sexual life. With the increase in age, the amount of testosterone produced in the body decreases. Male hormone is produced the most when a man is in his late teens. Increasing age will make a man take a lot of time in producing this hormone and even sexual stimulation takes a long time as well.

Health Risk of Lack of Sexual Desire in men
Diseases not only affect one part but leaves their impact on other organs of the body. Lack of sexual desire could be a sign of something big inside the body. Below are some of the health risks associated with low libido.

Men who face with lack of sexual desire begin to think that they are unable to cope up with their partner and might feel insecure about it. Such thoughts might trigger depression and can lead to further mental issues.

Heart Issues
The heart is among those organs which directly affects sexual health. If the heart is unable to function properly, then there are chances that the person may suffer from sexual diseases. Lack of sexual desire could be a sign of unidentified heart disease.

Hormonal Imbalance
Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for sexual desire. Low libido could be a sign of lack of testosterone and increasing progesterone which is the female sex hormone.

Prevention of Lack of Sexual Desire in men
The sexual disease can be prevented with a few precautions and change in lifestyle. Here are the prevention tips for low libido in men.

Balanced Diet
Diet is something which impacts our overall health. Taking a balanced diet with healthier options can avoid a man in having a lack of sexual desire.

Give Up Alcohol and Smoking
Plenty of people are addicted to smoking and drinking which can be a major cause of lack of sexual desire. If anyone wants to prevent low libido, then the first step is to give up any such habit.

Sexual health and mental peace both work together. If a person is mentally happy, then they are most likely to have great sexual health. However, depression and stress can be a cause of this disease. Meditation is known to calm the mind down and reduce stress resulting in better mental health and ultimately improving sexual health as well.

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