Women Sexual Problem


Female Sexual Problems and Reasons.

Female orgasmic disorder is now quite common in women of all ages and there are innumerable therapies that can treat this trouble efficiently. This trouble mainly leads to lowering of sexual desire, mainly due to lower production of testosterone. On the other hand, libido also gets decreased as a result of which lubrication gets hampered a lot. Long considered a taboo subject, women's sexuality is now openly discussed and portrayed on television, in magazines, and on the Internet. Most importantly, women themselves are becoming increasingly aware of their sexuality and their sexual health. Women of all ages are learning more about their sexuality.

Sexual Disorder Treatments in Ayurveda- Vrishya Chikitsa

Charaka has listed mental worry (Daurmanasyam) as the first cause for causing non-aphrodisiac (Avrishya) among women. determination (Sankalpa) as the foremost among aphrodisiacs (Vaishyas). Ayurveda treatment for sexual disorders for women are treated with an introduction with adopt behaviour therapy, sexual counselling, ayurvedic detoxification, stimulating and arousal process. There are layers of ayurvedic treatments (chikitsa) for sexual problem for women and are treated through Satwavajaya, Yuktivyapashraya ,Daiva Vyapasraya, Satwa Vajaya chikitsa ,Yuktivyapashraya Chikitsa,Vrishya dravya etc.

Sexual Problem Conditions in Female

Sexual health of women is a common problem these days. Every woman involves a complex sexual position at some point of her life. Mental stress, interplay of physiology, emotional issues, beliefs, lifestyle and relationships are few major reasons for sexual problems. These components affect sexual desire, arousal or lack of satisfaction, orgasmic disorder. Intcourse pain is also a common problem and often leads to lack of sexual drive.

Symptoms of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

Women going through unhealthy sexual life can lead to chronic , if not treated on time. Unlike men, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) can have various reasons .Hormonal imbalance often causes both hyper and hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Women's bodies are delicate and react dramatically during pre and post delivery of the baby and menopause .Health condition and illness like cardiovascular problem, diabetes also considered as a problem and inefficiency for healthy intercourse. Women with normal sexual cycles can behave anxious, distress, complex and also lead to depression. lead to

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