Hypersexuality or Nymphomaniac in women

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Hypersexuality or Nymphomaniac in women

Too much of everything is bad for health. Hypersexuality or a nymphomaniac in women is a condition where they feel addicted to sexual activities. Even though attracted towards sexual activity is normal but having an urge for sexual engagement in multiple situations is not normal at all. A person suffering from hypersexuality generates endless sexual fantasies which may hamper their relationship. Some of the people might also begin to have multiple partners solely to fulfil their sexual needs and fantasies.

In this condition, sexual fantasies begin to occur at the most unusual moods including boredom, depression, irritability, and anger. In order to fulfil their fantasies, people might begin hurting others or even themselves as well. Traumatic experiences and mental illness are considered as the primary reasons for hypersexuality in Women. Experts claim this condition to be more mental borne than a physical condition.

Hypersexuality is not like other sexual diseases which can occur in days or weeks. Rather, it takes several months in the development of this disease. Much like other major diseases, Hypersexuality can also be cured with the right treatment. Sheer will and right medication can cure this disease from the roots.

Symptoms of Hypersexuality or Nymphomaniac

The disease can be controlled when the symptoms are noticed at the right time. Hypersexuality in women shows notable symptoms which are mentioned below:

 Intense Sexual Fantasies that Hamper the Behavior
 Spending too much time thinking about sexual activity and putting less focus on other activities.
 Lacking emotional factor during sexual behaviour that can harm themselves or others.
 Urge for sexual activities in odd moods like anger, stress, or depression.
 Hard to control sexual fantasies
 Lack of sex resulting in mental stress or depression.

Treatment of Hypersexuality or Nymphomaniac in women at Sexual Healthcare Clinic

Hypersexuality in women is majorly a mental condition that affects physical health as well. After its diagnosis, at sexual health care clinic, we target the most vulnerable parts of the body first so that the body can begin healing from the bottom of the disease. Using only herbal minerals medicine, we make sure that no patient gets any side effects of our medication. Our ayurvedic techniques of curing the patients enhance the will power and strength to battle the addiction. The treatment is done to control sexual desires while keeping healthy sexual activities intact. The herbal medicines complement our practices allowing the patient to have self-control on their mind and overcoming this disease.

When to Consult a doctor?

Diagnosis is the first step of treatment. There are several hints or symptoms that the body gives when something is not right. In this case, the symptoms are mainly recurrent sexual fantasies which never seem to end. The disease takes for about six months to develop. During that time, the body inclines towards sexual activities more than anything. When sexual desires overcome any other activity in your life, then it is the right time to consult with a doctor. The disease can cause actions like having sexual desires in a stressful time and repetitive actions to control sexual urge, but failing to do so. Consult with a doctor whenever you notice any symptom to have a grip on your overall sexual health.

Causes of Hypersexuality or Nymphomaniac

Hypersexuality in women is a reaction to changes in the body or other causes resulting in this disease. Below mentioned are the causes that can lead to hypersexuality:

Traumatic Experiences in the Past
The past plays a significant role in building the future. Sometimes, the things happened in past does not seem important, but they leave a mark on the present. Hypersexuality is a mental disease that can be caused due to any traumatic experience that the patient may have faced in the past. The patient may have been sexually abused as a child or have seen social stress which results in this disease.

Brain Chemical Imbalance
No matter what the mood a person feels, it is due to the chemicals in the brain. Neurotransmitters regulate the mood and their imbalance can cause an urge for sexual activity.

Hormonal Imbalance
The brain creates hormones during intimation or sexual activities that trigger sexual behaviour. Imbalance in these hormones can increase the need for sexual activity. Increase in the need could form addiction and will ultimately lead to hypersexuality in women.

Porn Addiction
The availability of the internet has given a boon as well as a bane to the people. Studies have revealed that hypersexuality in women can be caused by porn addiction. Pornography combined with masturbation can drastically increase sexual fantasies as well as the body’s sexual need resulting in this condition.

Health Risk-
Please write in your own words (word limit not more than 150) Every health condition deteriorates the overall health of the person; not just physically but mentally as well. Here are some of the health risks associated with Hypersexuality in women.

Mental Health Conditions
Being a mental disease, hypersexuality affects brain functioning. Being addicted to sexual activities can cause depression and severe anxiety that can lead to poor mental health. In some severe cases, suicidal thoughts tend to come up.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Though STDs do not come with this disease, hypersexuality can make the person have multiple sexual partners. With numerous partners, the risk associated with contracting STDs is higher.

Prevention of Hypersexuality or Nymphomaniac
Even though the diagnosis of this disease takes about six months, it is best to utilize that time and take preventive measures. Below mentioned actions can prevent hypersexuality.

Avoid Pornography
Pornography is a highly addictive thing which leads to hypersexuality in women. The fictional content can create unnatural fantasies among people due to which they feel less satisfied with their sexual activities.

Communicate with Partner
Communication is a boon for mental illnesses. If anyone feels that they are having symptoms for hypersexuality, then they should communicate with their partner. Telling them about the issues can be highly beneficial as it can control the disease before it develops.

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