Masturbation in men and women

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Masturbation in men and women

Early teenage is a strange time for a person. Several changes take place at that time which might affect their overall health. One of the most common things that teenagers begin to do is masturbation. Masturbation begins normally but doing too much of it can convert the same into an addiction. It is not just limited to any gender, but both men and women can become addicted to masturbation.

The problem does not just end there. When a person begins to give pleasure to themselves, then they are unable to get sexual satisfaction from their partners resulting differences with their partner. For men, masturbation can be a cause of premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction. For women, it can make them addicted to masturbation and can never reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Even though masturbation is extremely common and normal among people of all genders, but overdoing can be harmful. While masturbating, most people begin creating fantasies inside their head. They enter their own world and might face difficulty in facing reality. Not just sexual life, but masturbation can ruin social life as well. People who masturbate regularly may begin touching themselves whenever they get the time where they prefer to pleasure themselves rather than meeting anybody.

Symptoms of Masturbation in men and women

Masturbation is not always bad for health but overdoing it can significantly affect the overall health of the person. Here are the symptoms that will let you know that you are masturbating too much.

  • Pain in Genitals
  • Constant Urge to Pleasure Yourself
  • Rubbing Genitals Aggressively that Can Cause Injury
  • Masturbating Multiple Times, a Day
  • Only Way to Ease Stress

When you feel like you are having all these symptoms; be it men or women, then you are addicted to touching yourself.

Treatment of Lack of Masturbation in men and women at Sexual Healthcare Clinic

Masturbation can be considered as mental as well as a physical condition. At the Sexual Health Care Clinic, we believe in using the natural ways of treatment which is why we use Ayurveda as our primary way of treatment. Ayurvedic practices target both mind and body ensuring that the condition is eradicated from the body. In addition to that, the treatment is done with herbal minerals medicine ensuring natural medication without having any side effects. Treatment of patients without making them suffer from the side effects or avoiding heavy dosage of medication is our priority. Not just the body, but ayurvedic treatment will also treat your spiritual side as well.

When to Consult a doctor?

Whenever a medical condition occurs, a doctor is the one that will help. When it comes to sexual conditions, then people might feel embarrassed in seeking professional help. In case, you feel that you are having all such symptoms, or you feel pain in your genitals, then you should surely consult with a doctor. They will analyze your condition and will help you physically as well as psychologically. Being vocal about the condition is the only way to get rid of masturbation addiction. Both men and women can be addicted to it and the faster you consult with a doctor, the easier the treatment will be.

Causes of Masturbation in men and women
Masturbation addiction is caused due to several reasons. It takes time and frequent masturbation can become addiction before people even know it. Below we mention some of the causes of this addiction.

Watching Too Much Porn
Porn is the biggest contributor of sexual diseases in people. While watching porn, most of the people tend to touch themselves for pleasure. Being available readily on the internet, porn can be watched anytime and anywhere due to which both men and women want to pleasure themselves while watching it.

Lack of Sexual Partner
In most of the cases, people masturbate when they want to have sexual satisfaction. Having a sexual partner can reduce masturbation as they can fulfil their sexual needs. However, when there is no partner, then there is the only way left for pleasure which is masturbation. As they know that they do not have any partner, people begin to masturbate frequently which ends up in its addiction.

Stress is something which most of the teenagers face. Undeniably, orgasm is the ultimate stress reliever which is why people prefer having sexual satisfaction whenever they are in stress. The more stress they have, the higher frequency of masturbation. Controlling stress level is essential in hindering masturbation addiction.

Health Risk of Masturbation in men and women

Damage to Genitals
One of the most common health risks associated with masturbation is damage to genitals. Frequent rubbing on genitals can result in injuries. These injuries can sometimes become permanent nerve damage resulting in improper sexual activity. During sexual intercourse, these injuries can seem painful rather than pleasurable.

Unsatisfactory Sex
Sexual activity involves two people. However, masturbation has reduced this need into just self- pleasure. When a person gets the right pleasure from themselves, they do not get satisfaction from their partner. Only masturbation can provide them with orgasm or sexual pleasure due to which their sexual life can be affected.

Other Sexual Diseases
Masturbation can lead to sexual diseases in both men and women. Nightfall, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are the commonest conditions caused due to masturbation. For women, this could be the root of orgasmic dysfunction.

Prevention of Masturbation in men and women
Taking the right preventive measures can avoid being addicted to masturbation. Here are the prevention ways of masturbation.

Keep Yourself Busy
The urge to self-pleasure occurs when there is nothing do to. If you want to prevent masturbation, then keep yourself busy in other things. Having a hobby, playing games, watching films, and talking to others can be beneficial in avoiding masturbation.

Don’t Touch Yourself
Touching erogenous zones can increase blood flow in the body which can increase the need for masturbation. All you have to do is avoid touching your genitals, nipples or any other place which can make you feel aroused.

Never Stay Alone
Most people masturbate when they are alone. Never stay alone or be with someone all the time so that you do not begin to think about masturbating.

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